In Space No one can hear a Scam: Why Alien Isolation’s Preorder DLC has me worried

I’ve often thought it would be great to relive some of the classic scenes from Alien in a videogame?

John Hurt’s iconic demise, Ripley’s final desperate run to the self destruct button, Ian Holme being reduced to a head that pisses milky jizz everywhere whilst he tells you the whole mission was a horrible set up to get the nasty thing that’s killed all the crew to a safe facility where it’ll, well probably kill everyone, but why the fuck should he care, he’s a robot.

Well the good news is that soon we’ll finally be able to, but only if you preorder Alien Isolation, as SEGA have pulled the classic scum bag move of offering you some potentially brilliant content, but only if you preorder the game.

Now I’m not against preorder DLC when it’s essentially fluff, I couldn’t give a rats arse if I miss out on items that make the game slightly easier or clad my character in gold as some kind of ill thought out status symbol  because I chose to be cautious and wait for a review, or if I simply turned up late to the party because I had other things to do that week.

But this whole affair just rubs me  up the wrong way. Now I’m a huge fan of the Alien films, I even see the merits of Alien Resurrection and Prometheus. However, after the absolute cluster fuck that Aliens: Colonial Marines was, and the fact that you could probably name the decent Alien games on one hand most of them have the word Predator in the title as well, means I’m unlikely to be marching to the shops on day one to this particular game of xenomorphic hide and seek before I’ve either played a demo before hand or the general critical consensus is that the game is worth my time and money

So for SEGA to feel that they need to convince people to preorder the game by ring fencing off missions that were probably not cheap to produce (actresses like Sigourney Weaver probably don’t work for Cheetos and free Pepsi), have no bearing on the rest of the game at all and felt the needed to make them a major selling point, but only if you take SEGA’s word for it that the game will be worth your time and money ( fool me once..). instead of just adding them as a cool hidden bonus, has my alarm bells going off like something nasty has boarded the ship and I need to flush the damn thing out into space pronto, less it use its phallic mouth muscles to punch a hole in my chest.