Uwe Boll admits he’s never played a video game

Infamous video game film director, Uwe Boll responded to his critics recently in a video with the German YouTube channel, hyperboleTV. Mr. Boll has heard it all from angry gamers across the land. How could this man tarnish the brilliant writing and stories of games like House of the Dead and Bloodrayne with movies of equally terrible storytelling?

Well according to ‘ol Uwey, it’s because he just doesn’t give a shit about the source material. Licensed properties just tend to come with bigger paychecks for lazy directors.

Even more notable is that Boll claims that he’s never even played a video game before. As in, ever. This is a particularly bold move for a director that made a name for himself directing films based on video games. Some directors like to entrench themselves in their source material, often pouring hours of research and care into their project. Boll’s strategy, while similar, focused more on bathing himself in more cash than he’s ever bathed in before.

Boll also announced his plans to retire… in 16 years. So the gaming community can always look forward to that!

If you’d like to see the full video, please shift your eyes a few degrees downward and press play.

(And turn on the captions to read the answers in a prettier language)