Game Under Podcast Episode 76

Game Under Podcast Episode 58

In Episode 76 of the Game Under Podcast, Phil Fogg fantasises about his dog in Fallout 4, Tom Towers’ Heart[s] of Stone prevents him, as ever, from being completely positive about The Witcher 3…but secretly he still loves it, and together they tackle Lisa—Hotline Miami, but legal for Aussies to play?

And, for the first time ever, Game Under enters the console war, answering the age old question: Which is better, the Xbox One or the Retron 5?

Not to mention the important philosophical discussions that took place: What happens when you die in virtual reality? Is the written word doomed? Does DARPA own Facebook? Is Google blackballing Blogspot? Just how direct was yesterday’s Nintendo Direct? And is games writing as silly as ever?

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