State Of The Game – Kinetic Void 0.04

Kinetic Void Version: Alpha Update 0.04 (25/10/13) Badlands Studio For the uninitiated: Kinetic Void pitches itself as a 3D space adventure with an emphasis on ship building and space simulation. After constructing your ship piece by piece, you set off to explore a procedurally generated galaxy map. The choice of […] Read more »


State Of The Game – Incognita Alpha Update 3

Incognita Version: Alpha Update 3 (23/10/13) Klei Entertainment For the uninitiated: Incognita is the next game by Klei Entertainment – the guys behind Don’t Starve & Mark Of The Ninja. You play the part of a shadowy agency tasked with breaking into a secure building and stealing the secrets within. You […] Read more »


State Of The Game – Prison Architect Alpha 14

Say what you want about Minecraft, but it changed the way games are made these days. For the few that don’t know, Minecraft offered a pay in alpha option for people interested in getting the game. For a nominal fee, it would allow them to get their hands on this […] Read more »


I’m in an abusive relationship with EA Sports

There.. I said it. For some reason I didn’t really want to admit it to myself until now, like some abuse victim who still thinks they can change him for the better. I reassured myself with anything good that I could find and ignored the horror that lay before me, […] Read more »