Duskers Coming to Steam Early Access + Footage

Duskers, Misfits Attic’s second game, is coming to Steam Early access on the 13th of August.

What is Duskers? Well, Tim Keenan explains it better than I can in the gameplay overview video, viewable below. Having played an early prototype, it’s extremely impressive to see how far the game has come, without veering very far from the initial conception. The command-line interface (one of the coolest things about Duskers: everything is controlled with text commands) now works smoothly, yet without sacrificing any sense of detachment. The inherent tactility yet detachment of a command-line interface is a weird combo for controlling moving objects in a gameworld, but it’s actually perfect for building tension. And tension is something Duskers has in spades. Yep, you’re definitely better off just listening to Tim Keenan instead: