Aquanox Deep Descent Kickstarter

Anachronox is a game I’ve never played, but always wanted to. Not only is the title a portmanteau, but it also features the word nox (English: night), which is the title of Nox—one of my favourite PvP RPGs to play in single player. Anachronox has nothing to do with Aquanox, but they alliterate, assonate and consonate (which isn’t a word, but should be) well. If you recite O Nyx (Latin: Nox)!, O Aquanox!, O Anachronox! O Pomona! May your pruning knife harvest bountiful abundance of pomum (English: fruit)! at the next equinox, Getafix and all your fellow druids will regale you in praise for your fruitful euphony.

Although I’ve also not played Aquanox, I have played Endless Ocean. And what always bothered me about Endless Ocean were the lack of a dystopic (also not a word) narrative and intense underwater dogfights—although one could annoy a catfish. Aquanox ticks all the boxes on my Endless Ocean-wish list, so pledge your support here and make my (and many Germans’) dreams of a dogfighting, underwater dictatorship come true!