Laser Lemming Reviews Justice League: War

The reboot of how the Justice League forms begins with Batman and Green Lantern chasing one of Darkseid’s parademoms. When the Dark Knight uses his grappling gun to latch onto the flying monstrosity, fans will instantly be transported back to the debut of Batman: The Animated Series and the infamous […] Read more »


Laser Lemming Blu-Ray Review: Stitches

As horror tributes go, Stitches gleefully inflates all the familiar blood packets. That’s the fucking problem. Despite opening, literally, with a bang to show off the wretched lifestyle of a clown (Ross Noble) who lives in a trailer on the edge of a cliff, lots of high school partying, snarky […] Read more »


Laser Lemming Review: Her

A recent study by noted some great concerns for Japan’s population. 45% of women aged 16-24 have no interest in sex, and men in the same age group find porn and anime stylized porn, called Otaku, enough. In short, who needs a real boyfriend or girlfriend? As a result, […] Read more »


Laser Lemming Review: Out of the Furnace

Rodeny Baze Jr. (Casey Affleck) out-broods his older brother, Russell (Christian Bale) as he lifts his shirt to show off a chest-long tear from his tour in Iraq while screaming about a melting baby and the Carrie Furnace Mill. Bale’s character is possessed by the new American dream summoned by Obama, […] Read more »

jug face

Laser Lemming Blu-Ray Review: Jug Face

A young woman is dick-torn for fun, impregnated by her brother, and sells herself to lies to survive inside a backwoods cult. Director and writer Chad Crawford Kinkle uses his noteworthy script to drop Ada (Lauren Ashley Carter) and us into a normal looking pit. Funny thing though, the pit […] Read more »


Laser Lemming Review- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The introductory episode in The Hobbit, like the first trilogy kick-starter Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, was boring and watered down by both uneven acting and special effects. Although the latest Hobbit entry cannot escape Tolkien’s looping pattern of battle, run, battle run, it does, unlike the […] Read more »

open grave

Open Grave is a Lesser Game

Open Grave drops the audience along with John (Sharlto Copley: District 9, Elysium, A-Team) into a juicy situation. As John wakes up outdoors, memory gone, corpses everywhere, and stretches his achy bones back into functionality, the immortal Hitchcockian question is served: what if? What if one were to wake up […] Read more »


Laser Lemming Review – Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious: Chapter 2 made its way through the nether and possessed all of South Korea’s empty vessels this past weekend during its Eastern début. Unfortunately, the sequel to James Wan’s favored first entry is the kind of scattered rush job that would send demons vaulting back to hell. Why? Even […] Read more »


New Mega Man Character Joins the iOS Sound Rangers

Capcom revealed a new character from the Mega Man continuity today. The Voltron-like (Zord for you young ‘uns) character is pictured below, and the iOS game Sound Rangers: Rhythm & Battle will unleash its musical side. Joining Mega Man will be villain favorite Cut Man as well as over 300 other gyrating […] Read more »


Contracted is the Converse of Zombie Movies

Writer and Director Eric England has graced us with a brilliantly clandestine and purulent tale of stupid kids, STD’s and the origin of the Zombie virus. While Zach Snyder’s take on Dawn of the Dead built sweaty anticipation when government officials simply told reporters that they knew fuck-all about the […] Read more »