Just the Games: EA @ E3 2014

Next up on our whistle-stop tour of all the new and wonderful software announced at this years E3 is all of the stuff that EA announced at their conference yesterday. This includes FOOTBALL! of both varieties with the first gameplay footage of both Madden and FIFA 15, or if, like me, you prefer your sporting action a little colder, and much more violent EA also released the first gameplay footage of NHL 15 as well.

Crazy Golf Enthusiast rejoice as PGA Tour looks to be finally embracing the sillier side of ‘the best way to ruin a walk in the country’ with new game play footage of PGA 15 featuring fantasy golf courses!

In a slightly more interesting turn EA have also shown off early prototype footage of Mass Effect 4, Dice’s Star Wars Battlefront reboot, Mirror’s Edge 2 and the a first glimpse of Criterion’s new multi vehicle extreme sports games.

They also announced that Sims 4 will be coming out on 2nd September and showed off some new gameplay footage to boot.

Most exciting of al,l Battlefield fans will be able to sign up for a BETA to play this years edition made by Viceral games – Battlefield Hardline on either the PS4 or PC right this instant.

Check it all out below!

FIFA 15 Gameplay Trailer

Madden 15 Gameplay Trailers

Mass Effect 4 Prototype footage

Battlefield Hardline PS4/PC Beta online now – Click here to sign up

Star Wars Battlefront Teaser

NHL 15 Gameplay Trailer

Mirrors Edge 2 Prototype Footage

The Sims 4 out on 2nd September – Gameplay Presentation

PGA Tour 15 to Include Fantasy Courses

Criterion’s new First Person Extreme Sports Project