New Mega Evolutions Revealed for Starter Pokemon in Alpha Sapphie/Omega Ruby, New Screens, Gameplay Trailer

Nintendo have revealed that all three starting Pokémon in the remake of Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby will receive the ability to  mega-evolve.

According to the official spiel:

Mega Sceptile gains the Dragon type through Mega Evolution, making its Dragon-type moves more powerful. It also gains the Lightning Rod Ability, which absorbs the damage from Electric-type moves to raise its own Special Attack.
·         Through Mega Evolution, Mega Swampert gains an improved Attack stat which makes it even more formidable when using the Fighting-type move Hammer Arm. Additionally, Mega Swampert gains the Swift Swim Ability, which doubles its Speed when the weather is rainy.
·         Mega Blaziken, first discovered in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, gains some new tools through Mega Evolution, in addition to its increased Attack. It has the Speed Boost Ability, making it faster with each passing turn, making the incredibly powerful Flying-type move Brave Bird, extremely rare for a non-Flying-type Pokémon like Blaziken to have, even fiercer in Pokémon battles.

Along with the announcement the good folks over at the Pokemon Company also sent over a huge batch of new screens featuring our the new designs for Team Aqua/Magma as well as what the new mega evolutions look like in battle, as well as the first game play trailer for the games featuring all of the above in motion plus news of new mega evolution for fairy type Pokémon, Diance.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire\Omega Ruby  are due for release on 28th November for Nintendo 3DS