Just the Games: Nintendo @ E3 2014

Once again in leu of a traditional press conference Nintendo instead chose to release a special Nintendo Direct. though only 40 minutes the show was jam-packed with announcements and was also genuinely entertaining. featuring some brilliant skits courtesy of Robot Chicken and even a Matrix style fight scene between NOA head Reggie Fils-Amie and company head Satoru Iwata to promote Nintendo’s new Amiibo platform that will launch along side Super Smash Bros this winter.

As well as the Digital event, Nintendo have also continued to show gameplay footage of the games unveiled during the digital event as well as make more announcements during their Treehouse live @  E3 presentations. For those of you that don’t know The Treehouse is Nintendo of America’s localisation offices that do all the work needed to bring the likes of Mario and Xenoblade Chronicles to the west.

Check it all out below. make sure to check back as we add new videos as new information is released.

Update – Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby gameplay trailer added, as well as Fantasy Life trailer and extended gameplay footage.

Hyrule Warriors out 26th September, Zelda and Midna confirmed playable characters, New trailer and extended gameplay video released.

4v4 third person  shooter Splatoon coming 2014 to WiiU. First trailer and extended gameplay footage shown.

Xenoblade Chronicles X (X) coming to WiiU 2015, New trailer and extended gameplay footage shown.

Mario Maker announced for WiiU

Bayonetta 2 coming out this October. will include first game for free, new trailer andextended gameplay videos shown.

 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse coming to WiiU. First trailer. extended gameplay footage shown

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/ Omega Ruby coming 21st November. New trailer, Mega Sableeye revealed , gameplay trailer.

Yarn Yoshi now called Yoshi’s Wooly World. Coming 2015. New trailer and extended gameplay footage released

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Coming to WiiU this Christmas. Reveal trailer and extended gameplay footage released.

First Zelda WiiU footage shown. First game in the series to be fully openworld

Super Smash Bros for 3DS coming 3rd October, Miis, Pacman and Palutena added to roster

Super Smash Bros to be the first game to use Nintendo’s new Amiibo figures.

Mario Party 10 announced. First trailer. extended gameplay footage

Shigeru Miyamoto unveals Project Guard and Giant Robot. Comfirms new Star Fox game for WiiU

New Sonic Boom trailer released

Fantasy Life announced for 3DS. First trailer and extended gameplay footage